Prenatal to Three Policy Forums

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About the Policy Forums

The success of our state depends on getting every child off to a great start. Many organizations and coalitions are working on plans across a wide variety of topics – from prenatal care to early learning, from home visiting to screenings, and more. The Prenatal to Three Policy Forums are intended to provide a space for early-childhood advocates, and those interested in this critical topic, to share their plans and build toward a unified agenda.

The Forums, founded by Elders for Infants and Representative Dave Pinto and held quarterly, are intended to:

  1. Share plans: Again, many advocates, organizations, and coalitions are working in this space. Simply being aware of the plans of others will help lead to more coordination and better results for kids.
  2. Establish a common base of knowledge: Early-childhood policy encompasses a vast range of policy areas. No one person knows everything. But every early-childhood advocate should have the basics, with an understanding of the intersections between policy areas and – critically – the cultural and community dynamics involved.
  3. Build relationships: Advocates, organizations, and coalitions can sometimes work at cross-purposes with one another. A regular chance to meet can increase a sense of teamwork and unity on behalf of our youngest Minnesotans.

The bulk of each Forum consists of presentations focused on a single theme (e.g., prenatal care and early parenting). At the end of each Forum, coalitions – those representing multiple organizations and disciplines – provide an update on their proposals for early-childhood policy. The Forums are webcast to advocates and others statewide.